About Us

The Department of Education (DoE) is responsible for providing educational services to students from birth.  There is no defined age limit because we believe in and are responsible for educational services that enable all Tasmanians to learn, regardless of their age, their background or where they live.

We provide educational services through our 12 Child and Family Learning Centres, Launching into Learning programs (babies to 4 year olds and their families), primary, combined, secondary and senior secondary schools around the state, including education delivered flexibly or via blended learning.

    • Libraries Tasmania is a state-wide network that gives Tasmanians access to library services, research and information, adult literacy support, community learning, online access, and archive and heritage services.
    • Tasmanian Archive and Heritage Office (TAHO) is the lead recordkeeping authority in the Tasmanian Government and is responsible for the provision of recordkeeping policies and standards.
    • Government Education and Training International (GETI) broker education services for international students looking to study in Tasmania and provides a diverse range of support services for international students while studying here.

Looking across the entire portfolio, the DoE is very much at the heart of educating students and provides the systems and support structures, such as libraries and online access centres, to enable all Tasmanian learners to access information.

The DoE reports to State Government Ministers.

The public school system in Tasmania

The Tasmanian eSchool:

  • provides online education services for students who are unable to physically attend school
  • supervises Virtual Learning Tasmania (VLT) Years 11 and 12.