How to Apply

Information on applying for jobs in the Tasmanian State Service can be found on the Tasmanian Government Jobs website.

Essential and Desirable Requirements

Statements of duties and advertisements specify the essential and/or desirable requirements for each vacancy. Where the advertised vacancy is subject to essential requirements, an applicant must be able to meet all such requirements to be appointed or promoted.

Registration to work with Vulnerable People (RWVP)

The Department of Education requires all employees, volunteers and contractors to hold a current Registration to Work With Vulnerable People card (RWVP), with an appropriate registration status. This policy is applicable to anyone providing a service in government schools, Libraries Tasmania, Child and Family Learning Centres, Trade Training Centres and DoE workplaces, The Registration to Work with Vulnerable People Act 2013 requires persons undertaking work in a regulated activity to be registered every three years. The cost associated with the application or renewal is the responsibility of the individual.

Additional Information

The Department of Education advertises all current permanent and fixed term vacancies greater than 12 months on the Tasmanian Government Jobs website. Additionally the Department holds an employment register for fixed term and casual employment up to 12 months.

All vacancies in the Tasmanian State Service are to be filled on the basis of merit in accordance with Section 7(1)(b) of the State Service Act 2000. Merit selection is designed to ensure that any appointment to, or promotion within the State Service is made on the basis of the relative capacity of the person to do the job.  It is designed to prevent appointments or promotions being made on discriminatory grounds such as nepotism, patronage, favouritism or discrimination.

Staff are employed in accordance with the provisions of the State Service Act 2000 with conditions of employment outlined in other statutes and industrial awards and agreements.