Where to find data

The Department is committed to maintaining transparency and accountability through the education sector and consequently looks to publish a variety of data and reports that inform and educate members of the public.

The Department may provide access to additional data depending on the intended use and subject to compliance with Departmental policy and the Personal Information Protection Act 2004.

To apply for access to unpublished data residing with DoE, applicants must complete the Information Access and Disclosure Proforma (IADP).

Prior to submitting an IADP, there are a number of locations which may already publish the data you require. 

The Tasmanian Department of Education Website

The Department periodically updates data on the Plans, Reports and Statistics webpage 

Key data from the Department’s Annual Report can be found on the data.gov.au website.


The Office of Tasmanian Assessment, Standards and Certification (TASC) is an independent statutory office responsible to the Tasmanian Minister for Education and Training. The TASC website contains data relating to senior secondary schools, year 10 cohort size and retention rates.

Report on Government Services

The annual Report on Government Services (RoGS) provides information on the equity, effectiveness and efficiency of government services in Australia. Volume B relates to child care, education and training.

Australian Bureau of Statistics

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) website release periodic publications highlighting national trends in early years, education and training.


The Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) is the independent statutory authority responsible for the overall management of the Australian National Assessment Program. Jurisdiction level data relating to NAPLAN is available for download from the website.

ACARA also maintain a data portal for NAPLAN and data relating to NAP sample assessments.


The My School website is a resource for parents, educators and the community which includes data on each Australian school’s student profile, NAPLAN performance, enrolment levels, attendance data and financial information.