Child and Student Wellbeing Strategy

Child and Student Wellbeing Strategy

The 2018-2021 Department of Education Child and Student Wellbeing Strategy: Safe, Well and Positive Learners was published on 28 June 2018.

The Wellbeing Strategy has been developed to support our Wellbeing Goal under the 2018-2021 Department of Education Strategic Plan, Learners First: Every Learner Every Day.

We are committed to supporting every learner every day. We have a responsibility to our learners to provide them with the tools to live a fulfilling and productive life. To achieve this, positive wellbeing is a critical component. Support and guidance will be available to inform improvement planning regarding the Wellbeing Goal.

The following resources have been developed to support the implementation of the Wellbeing Strategy across all learning environments:


Child and Student Wellbeing – Survey Trial

A key action over the life of the Child and Student Wellbeing Strategy will be to embed measures of child and student wellbeing to guide our effort to support safe, well and positive learners.

As a first step, we will be trialling four wellbeing surveys in 29 schools across the state.

A list of participating schools and surveys can be found in the schools and surveys document.

For information on the surveys being trialled, please follow the links below

If your child’s school is participating in the wellbeing survey trials, please contact your principal.

For general information contact


Your Say on School

The Department of Education held a session at the 2017 Tasmanian Youth Forum called ‘Your Say on School.” At the session, young people were asked for feedback on:

  • What is working well at school?
  • What could be changes to make school a better place?
  • What does a good school look like?

This session has helped the development of our Wellbeing Strategy.

A summary of findings from the session are provided in the link below

If you have any ideas or suggestions on how to make school a better place for young people you can email us at