Child and Student Wellbeing

The 2018-2021 Department of Education Child and Student Wellbeing Strategy: Safe, Well and Positive Learners was published on 28 June 2018.

The Wellbeing Strategy has been developed to support our Wellbeing Goal under the 2018-2021 Department of Education Strategic Plan, Learners First: Every Learner Every Day.

The Wellbeing Strategy supports the Tasmanian Child and Youth Wellbeing Framework  and adopts the six ARACY  wellbeing domains: Loved and Safe, Material Basics, Healthy, Learning, Participating and Positive sense of culture and identity.

The Child and Student Wellbeing Strategy will be supported by annual action plans. The  2019 Mental Wellbeing Action Plan was released in April 2019 and includes a key action to develop valid and reliable measures of wellbeing. This is being progressed through the Student Wellbeing Survey.

Responsibility for ensuring child and student wellbeing does not sit with a single entity. There are times when it is necessary to work in partnership with others and/or seek external expertise.

Throughout the strategy there are references to a ‘sphere of influence’ model and examples of how to approach certain wellbeing issues within your learning community.

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