Positive Sense of Culture and Identity

Objective: Learners have a positive sense of identity and belonging, and are optimistic about their future and success in learning.

Having a positive sense of culture and identity is central to the wellbeing of learners.

For our learners to be well and succeed, they must feel that they belong, and have a safe, valued and respected place in their learning environment.

Resilience, positive self-image and self-esteem are important life-long qualities for all learners.

The English as an Additional Language team works with schools to:

  • strengthen and promote quality teaching and learning practices to ensure that all English language learners in Tasmanian schools have the opportunity to access, participate and engage, achieving high level outcomes across the curriculum
  • establish links between home and school for EAL students and families
  • support the health and wellbeing of all EAL students by fostering cultural responsiveness amongst staff, students and the school community to ensure that all EAL students feel safe and valued and engaged in learning

Working it Out