Student Wellbeing Survey

Student Wellbeing Survey (Years 4 – 12)

The Child and Student Wellbeing Strategy commits to the development of valid and reliable measures of child and student wellbeing to inform future effort and planning.

This is a universal approach to wellbeing in the student voice for all students.

In 2019 a Tender was awarded to the South Australian Department for Education to conduct an annual Student Wellbeing Survey in Tasmanian Government schools.

All students in Years 4 – 12 undertook the Student Wellbeing Survey between 19 August 2019 to 13 September 2019. This will continue annually from March 2020.

In 2020, the survey will be run from 10 March – 3 April. Key documents and resources (including pre-survey information webinars) for DoE staff to administer the survey in their school can be found on the Student Wellbeing Canvas page.

Based on feedback from schools in 2019, the 2020 survey will include an option for audio to support more students to participate.

A copy of the 2019 Tasmanian Government School Wellbeing Data Set is now available, as well as a snapshot of the key Tasmanian data for 2019.

The student survey will be used to support system and whole school approaches to student wellbeing. For more information about resources available to support the wellbeing of students in Tasmanian Government schools, see the Supporting Student Wellbeing chart.


Schools can now access their 2019 Student Wellbeing Data Reports from doc point.

Additional resources are available to schools on the Canvas wellbeing page.

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