2020 Student Wellbeing Survey Data

During Term 3 2020, 23 906 students across Years 4 to 12 in Tasmanian Government schools undertook the Student Wellbeing Survey. We value student voice. The results of this survey will be used to support school and system approaches to student wellbeing and engagement.


  • 91% of Students felt connecting to adults in their home.
  • 84% of Students felt they had good quality social support from peers.
  • 65% of Senior Students reported being resilient in times of stress.


  • 96% of Students reported they had good relationships and support from their Teachers.
  • 82% of Students reported that they persist with classroom tasks to support their learning.
  • 83% of Students report that they persevere at tasks.

Loved & Safe

  • 89% of Students felt connected to adults at School.
  • 86% of Students feel safe at School most of the time.
  • 76% of Students felt that Teachers & Students care about each other & treat each other with respect.

Material Basics

  • 70% of Students reported having a nutritional breakfast.
  • 72% of Students reported having a good night’s sleep.
  • 84% of Students reported having participated in organised activities at least once a week.


  • 77% of Students reported being generally optimistic.
  • 29% of students reported they frequently worry about things at home and at school.

Positive sense of culture & identity

  • 73% of Students feel that they belong at their school.
  • 84% of Students feel part of a group of friends and usually fit in with other students.

2020 Student Wellbeing Survey Data (PDF, 2.7MB)