Awards Programs Archive 2019

Together We Inspire Awards finalists 2019

School Leadership Award

Stuart Dwyer – Flinders Island District School – category winner

Bill Jarvis – Claremont College

Cindy-Anne Johnston – Campbell Town District School

Engaging our Learners (Early Learning)

Rowena Wilkinson – Early Childhood Intervention Service – category winner

Maddie Hine – Smithton Primary School

Ian Brown – Clarence Plains Child and Family Learning Centre

Engaging our Learners (Primary P-6)

STEAMing with Kommunity Kids Team – Burnie Library

Scottsdale Primary School Staff – Scottsdale Primary School

Annette Langdon – Glen Dhu Primary School – category winner

Engaging our Learners (Secondary 7-12)

Shane Parker – Hobart College

Ulverstone Secondary College Staff – Ulverstone Secondary College

Creating Connections A and B Team – Hellyer College – category winner

Engaging our Learners (Adults)

Iona Johnson – Risdon Prison, Libraries Tasmania – category winner

Peter Brake – Launceston Library

Making the Difference Team – Burnie Library

Outstanding Early Career Employee Award

Abby Dillon – Austins Ferry Primary School – category winner

Stewart Bell – Beaconsfield Child and Family Learning Centre

Amelia Boughton – Elizabeth College

Outstanding Support Employee Award

Dom Monypenny – Hobart College – category winner

Wendy Meek – Bayview Secondary College

Teacher Assistant Team – Huonville High School

Teachers Health Wellbeing Award

Health, Physical Education and Outdoor Education Team – Hobart College

Elizabeth College Advanced Academic Diploma Team – Elizabeth College

Claremont College Wellbeing Team – Claremont College – category winner

Telstra Excellence in Innovation Award

The Orb Development Team – Aboriginal Education Services

Matt Eyles – Hobart College – category winner

Teacher Recruitment Taskforce – Human Resources

Volunteers of the Year

Sheree Martin – Landsdowne Crescent Primary School

Shelley Charlton – Glenorchy Library

Michael Garner – Cygnet Primary School

Hannah Brand – Waimea Heights Primary School

All finalists are 2019 Award winners

Literacy Champions

Talking and Language for Kids Team – Riverside Primary School, Trevallyn Primary School and West Launceston Primary School – category winner

Bridport Primary School Staff – Bridport Primary School

Katrina Hutchinson – Claremont College

Numeracy Champions

Hellyer Collective Maths Cluster – Hellyer College and North West Cluster

Latrobe-Kentish Numeracy Leaders – Sassafras Primary School – category winner

Wendy Palfreyman – Risdon Vale Primary School

2019 Tasplan Together We Inspire Award winner

Elizabeth College Advanced Academic Diploma Team – Elizabeth College