Get Involved

The Department of Education is undertaking extensive community engagement to ensure all stakeholders have the opportunity to provide input on a range of new education projects across Tasmania.


Our Approach

The following principles will guide our approach to consultation:

  • Inclusive – We will consult widely and fully to capture all points of view
  • Discussion – We will encourage honest and open conversations
  • Influence – Communities will see the outcomes of their involvement
  • Honesty – We will be clear about our plans

Our Consultation

To ensure all feedback and points of view are captured, we’ve launched the Get Involved campaign for a range of education projects across Tasmania. Get Involved will be communicated widely, including:

  • This website
  • Community workshops
  • Surveys
  • Advertising
  • Direct mail
  • Drop-in sessions at various locations
  • Social media
  • Community Reference Groups
  • Small group presentations

Current Consultations

We are seeking input from the community on the following new infrastructure projects. To find out more, visit the links below.

Bowen Road Primary SchoolGlenora District SchoolMoonah Primary School
Brighton Primary SchoolHellyer CollegeProspect High School
Cooee Primary SchoolLansdowne Crescent Primary SchoolRosetta Primary School
Forth Primary SchoolLaunceston CollegeSheffield School Farm
Franklin Primary SchoolLilydale District SchoolSouthern Support School
Glen Huon Primary SchoolMontagu Bay Primary SchoolSpreyton Primary School




 Write to us

Get Involved GPO Box 169 Hobart Tas 7001

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