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The Department of Education is undertaking extensive community engagement to ensure all stakeholders have the opportunity to provide input on a range of new education projects across Tasmania.

Current Consultations

New Child and Family Learning Centres

Six new Child and Family Learning Centres (CFLCs) will be built around Tasmania, providing critical support to local families and our youngest learners. Local Enabling Groups (LEGs) have been established to provide an opportunity for parents, carers, service providers and the broader community to help shape the new CFLCs and the services they will offer.

Concept designs have now been developed for the new CFLCs at East Tamar, Sorell and Waratah Wynyard. To view the concept designs and provide your feedback, click on the links below.

East Tamar Child and Family Learning Centre

Sorell Child and Family Learning Centre

Waratah-Wynyard Child and Family Learning Centre

To find out more about the other new CFLCs and register to attend LEG meetings, visit the links below.

Glenorchy Child and Family Learning Centre

Kingborough Child and Family Learning Centre

West Ulverstone Child and Family Learning Centre



Hobart City Partner Schools Update

The Minister for Education has announced that Ogilvie High School and New Town High School will become co-educational in 2022 as part of the next phase of the Hobart City Partner Schools collaboration with Elizabeth College.

Following extensive research and feedback from community, the Tasmanian Government has agreed with the joint recommendation by the School Associations of each school.

This is a school and community led solution that will provide Hobart families with the co-educational option they want and ensure that the diverse needs of learners are met.

Through extensive consultation, we now know that the community want more co-educational opportunities and that their preference is to utilise existing infrastructure at the three Partner Schools.

It is a continuation of the journey these schools have been on since 2018, where they started working together to provide co-educational and complementary courses across the three sites.

This decision is also supported by research and evidence as part of the scenario testing that was undertaken in 2017-2018 to determine the feasibility of building a new inner-city high school in Hobart.

A Report (PDF 8.96MB) has been prepared outlining the work undertaken in reaching this decision, including the Aurecon Feasibility work and Hobart City Partner Schools Survey results.

A set of FAQs has also been developed for further information.

The Hobart City Partner Schools welcome your feedback, which you can provide to

Our Approach

The following principles guide our approach to consultation:

  • Inclusive – We will consult widely and fully to capture all points of view
  • Discussion – We will encourage honest and open conversations
  • Influence – Communities will see the outcomes of their involvement
  • Honesty – We will be clear about our plans

Our Consultation

To ensure all feedback and points of view are captured, we’ve launched Get Involved campaigns for a range of education projects across Tasmania. OurGet Involved campaigns are communicated widely, including:

  • This website
  • Community workshops
  • Surveys
  • Advertising
  • Direct mail
  • Drop-in sessions at various locations
  • Social media
  • Community Reference Groups
  • Small group presentations

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