New Brighton High School

The Commitment:

Investing more into education – up to $30 million to build a new 7 – 12 high school in Brighton in the State’s South with capacity for more than 600 students.

Brighton is a rapidly growing community. Current projections indicate that the population will continue to grow significantly, making Brighton the fastest growing Local Government Area in Tasmania.

Brighton Primary School is one of the largest primary schools in Tasmania, accommodating over 600 students from the Brighton and Southern Midlands areas, yet most students leave the area to attend high school.

Our Approach:

The following principles will inform our approach to construction of the new Brighton High School:

  • Inclusive – we will consult widely and fully to capture all points of view.
  • Discussion – we will encourage honest and open conversations about the rebuild.
  • Influence – the community will see and understand the impact of their involvement in the rebuilding process.
  • Honesty – we will be clear about the plan to rebuild Brighton High School.

Consultation mechanism:

To share ideas, insight and feedback on development of Brighton High School we will run a Have Your Say campaign that will be overseen by a Community Reference Group and may include:

  • The Department of Education website will include a facility to provide feedback via a survey and/or email –
  • Community forums
  • Drop-in sessions at Brighton Primary School
  • Social Media presence including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  • Specialist Focus Groups with educators; Brighton Primary students – past and present; parents – past and present; and local community, business and industry leaders.

Community Reference Group:

To ensure that all voices are heard, a Community Reference Group will be established and will include representatives from key stakeholder groups including, but not limited to the following:

  • Department of Education
  • Brighton Council
  • Brighton Primary School staff
  • Brighton Primary School Association
  • Community groups
  • Business and Industry