Research in Government Schools

To support schools focus on remaining open for teaching and learning, the Department has made the decision that research activities are not to be undertaken in schools during Term 1, 2022.

This applies to research that has previously been granted approval and new applications that are awaiting approval.

Researchers needing to adjust and amend timelines, or who require further clarification are encouraged to contact the Department via the research email –


In respect to ongoing Covid-19 concerns, research applicants are encouraged to minimise their impact on schools and consider remote / virtual research where applicable. The Department’s prime concern is to keep schools safe, not only for our children and young people, but for all staff that support the delivery of education on our sites. It is a condition of any existing or future approvals that researchers comply with COVID-19 safety requirements.

Educational Performance and Review (EPR) coordinates all applications to conduct research in Government schools in Tasmania.

Applications to conduct research are considered by the Departmental Research Applications Advisory Committee (RAAC), which makes a recommendation to the Director, Education Performance and Review for final approval.

Guidelines and Research Application Form may be downloaded from this site, completed, signed and emailed to

2022 meeting dates of the RAAC and deadlines for submission of applications

  • 17 February 2022 (meeting) – 31 January (deadline)
  • 15 March 2022 (meeting) – 28 February (deadline)
  • 14 April 2022 (meeting) – 28 March (deadline)
  • 12 May 2022 (meeting) – 25 April (deadline)
  • 14 June 2022 (meeting) – 30 May (deadline)
  • 14 July 2022 (meeting) – 27 June (deadline)
  • 18 August 2022 (meeting) –  1 August (deadline)
  • 13 September 2022 (meeting) – 29 August (deadline)
  • 13 October 2022 (meeting) – 26 September (deadline)
  • 17 November 2022 (meeting) – 31 October (deadline)
  • 13 December 2022 (meeting) – 28 November (deadline)