15 TCE credit points

Level: Level 3

Hours: 150

Type: TASC

Standards: LIT ICT

Course overview

You have
TASC course
May lead to
‘A’/‘B’ (or ‘C’ in consultation with teachers) in Year 10 Australian Curriculum English.
Psychology 3
  • Undertaking other Level 3 courses in the Humanities and Behavioural Sciences
  • A pathway to further study at university and a career in the police or defence forces, social work, nursing, teaching, management, law, medicine and psychology, the sport sciences, or public relations.

  • About human behaviour and experiences of the individual
  • How individuals make sense of the world
  • The relationship between thoughts, feelings and behaviour, and how these are underpinned by environmental and biological factors
  • How to conduct research in the field of psychology.

  • Investigate theories and ideas that explain human behaviour
  • Learn how to conduct research in the field of psychology
  • Develop an understanding of the scientific method used in psychology
  • Investigate topics such as personality, intelligence and gender-specific behaviour; sensation, perception and altered states of consciousness; learning, memory, perception and individual differences
  • Engage in group discussion and presentations
  • Complete practical exercises, investigations, essays and report writing
  • Undertake and complete an Individual Project (externally assessed).

  • Is curious about the nature of human behaviour and factors that impact on behaviour
  • Enjoys engaging in inquiry projects and a range of required reading
  • Is capable of creating a range of texts such as essays and reports
  • Has good reading, writing and organisational skills.