15 TCE credit points

Level: Level 2

Hours: 150

Type: TASC

Standards: LIT

Course overview

You have
TASC course
May lead to
  • ‘C’ in Year 10 Australian Curriculum History, Geography or English.
History and the Environment 2
  • A pathway to Modern History 3, Geography 3 or Ancient History 3.
  • Work and further study in areas such as statistics, urban planning, conservation, museums, archaeology and journalism.

  • How environmental and historical factors have shaped our world.
  • How the ancient and recent past connect with the present.
  • The different ways in which human cultures have adapted to their natural environment in Australia, China and India.

  • Investigate:
    » Climate and sustainable futures
    » The Human Story: an Introduction
    » Human systems and cultures of
    ancient India, China and Australia
    » Australia’s relationship with Asian nations
    » Continuity and diversity in Asia
    » Modernisation and progress in Asia
  • Complete a range of assignments including reports, case studies, discussions and other set tasks
  • Work independently on two case studies:
    » An environmental investigation on change e.g. a threatened species
    » The environmental impact of the Modernisation of Asia: e.g. China’s re-greening of the desert or logging in Indonesia.

  • Enjoys working independently using case studies to investigate topics of interest.
  • Is interested in the environment and environmental issues.
  • Is interested in history.
  • Has well developed organisational skills to undertake independent case studies.
  • Enjoys engaging in classroom discussions.