5 TCE credit points

Level: Level 2

Hours: 50

Type: TASC

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TASC course
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  • No previous experience.
Making Moral Decisions 2
  • A pathway to Religion in Society 2, Introduction to Sociology and Psychology 2, Exploring Issues in Society 2, Community Service Learning 2, Legal Studies 3, Studies of Religion 3 and Philosophy 3
  • A vocational pathway to social work, journalism, community development, social welfare, chaplaincy, teaching, law and politics.

  • About morality and the need for and purpose of morality.
  • How some theories provide guidelines for behaviour..
  • How society, politics and culture impact on values, beliefs and ideas.
  • About the role of belief and values in society.
  • How moral beliefs impact on individual’s decisions and behaviour.
  • How the study of ethics can contribute to understanding our own beliefs and becoming active, informed, global citizens.

  • Investigate a range of contemporary dilemmas.
  • Identify a range of ethical theories.
  • Think deeply on the process of making moral decisions.
  • Investigate the ethical frameworks used to assist with decision making.
  • Undertake discussions, practical activities and written tasks.

  • Is interested in how philosophical thinking impacts on decision making in today’s society.
  • Enjoys small group and whole class discussions.
This course is available at 5 locations
  • 2022 (current view)
  • 2023
  • 2024 (discontinued)