Intake 2023

5 TCE credit points

Level: Level 2

Hours: 150

Type: TASC

Course overview

You have
TASC course
May lead to
  • No previous experience
Career and Life Planning 2
  • The next step in building my career, further study or employment.

  • To locate and use career information to make career enhancing decisions
  • How work and life roles have changed as a result of automation and globalisation and the role chance plays in this
  • How to build and maintain a positive self-concept
  • What my study and work options are for next year and into the future.

  • Review my strengths and abilities and match them to future options
  • Develop my study skills to help me obtain the best results I can, now and into the future
  • Plan short, medium and long-term goals for my career and life
  • Develop strategies for gaining work.

  • Wants to prepare for their future work and study
  • Wants guidance and support to plan the transition to launching their career.