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The Department of Education support the learning and delivery of healthy food options in our schools. The initiatives and programs below work with schools to build practices that promote and support a whole school approach to eating well. Student and community participation is a key aspect of these programs that encourage healthy eating and physical activity for all learners.

Move Well Eat Well is a Tasmanian Government initiative that supports the healthy development of children and young people by promoting physical activity and healthy eating as a normal part of every day.  Schools are encouraged to become accredited by meeting criteria in six areas, aiming for a whole school approach to eating well and being physically active.

The Move Well Eat Well website provides resources for primary schools, secondary schools, early childhood services, families and health and community workers.

School Food Matters began as the Tasmanian School Canteen Association in 1994. The name School Food Matters was adopted in 2021 to better encapsulate our work within the whole school environment and not just the school canteen.  We support school communities to promote and provide a school food service that is nutritious, affordable, safe and where possible, locally sourced and prepared by the school.

Support is provided through:

  • assisting with the development of an efficient food service that has sound management and operations
  • current and effective food safety information
  • resources and advice on food selection and menu planning
  • assisting with the development of policies and practices that support a whole school approach to food and nutrition and links to the Australian curriculum.
  • delivering professional learning for school food service managers, teachers and the school community
  • assisting schools to achieve the SmartFood Award.
  • assisting schools to develop their School Food Plan.


The Department of Education support the work of the 24 Carrot Gardens Project in establishing gardens in schools and communities where children learn to grow, cook and eat healthy produce.

This program is proudly aligned with the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation and offer fun learning activities in the fields of art, science, sustainability and culinary art.


The Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation supports early childhood servicesprimary schools and secondary schools across Australia.

This program provides inspiration, information, professional development and support for educators to deliver pleasurable food education to children and young people in Australia.

Pleasurable food education is a fun, hands-on approach to teaching children and young people about fresh, seasonal, delicious food so they form positive food habits for life.

Delivered through a kitchen garden program, pleasurable food education has an array of health, wellbeing, education and community benefits.

Child and Student Wellbeing Strategy

We are committed to supporting every learner every day. We have a responsibility to our learners to provide them with the tools to live a fulfilling and productive life. To achieve this, positive wellbeing is a critical component. Support and guidance will be available to inform improvement planning regarding the Wellbeing Goal. For more information on the Strategy and resources see  Child and Student Wellbeing Strategy.

Cyber Safety

Cyber Safety provides information and resources to support students, parents and schools with the responsible use of information and communication technologies. See the Cyber Safety Resources page for more information.

Head Lice in Schools

While children are at school many families will have contact with head lice.  The information contained here will help you treat and control head lice.  The Department of Education provides an Infosheet for schools and communities.

Infectious Diseases

The Department of Education provides valuable information and guidance in Tasmanian Government schools.

Office of Safeguarding Children and Young People

We are committed to safeguarding the rights of all children and young people to have an education, to be heard and to be kept safe from harm. Learn more on the Office of Safeguarding Children and Young People page.

Support for Student Carers

On 17 October 2013, the Department of Education signed up to the Tasmanian Carers Action Plan 2013-2018.  This important initiative formally recognises and increases awareness and respect for Tasmanian carers. The Plan seeks to improve the quality of life of Tasmania’s carers over the next five years.

For more information visit the Support for Students with Carer Responsibilities website.

Student Carers or Young Carers are young people who help care for a parent, a brother or sister, their own child, a grandparent, other relative, or maybe a friend who has a disability, mental illness or chronic illness, or who are frail and aged.

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