Children and young people who feel safe, connected and secure are more likely to engage in their learning. Positive wellbeing allows them to explore, experiment and participate in their learning with confidence.

To support the wellbeing of your family, information, activities and advice on topics such as mental wellbeing, connectedness and building resilience are available here.  

Supporting your child or young person’s wellbeing

Learning at home for any period of time may bring joy and challenges. Below are some tips to support you during this time:

  • Talk to your whole family about what is happening. Understanding the situation may reduce their anxiety.
  • Talk with your child or young person about how they have coped with difficult situations in the past and reassure them that they will cope with this situation too.
  • Exercise regularly. Exercise helps to maintain wellbeing.  Options to consider include getting outside, playing, dancing, yoga, walking around the backyard, creating an obstacle course with items from around the home or using home exercise equipment.
  • Establishing daily routines is important.  Learning activities provided by the Department and school will provide opportunities to maintain a learning routine.
  • Keep connected by staying in touch with family members and friends via telephone, email or social media.

Resources and ideas for learning at home

We will add to this information over time to ensure there is a range of options to suit a child’s needs.