Talk, Read and Play Resources

Animations and videos


Fun with sounds at home

Fun with sounds at home – I Spy

What’s in the box

Songs and Rhymes

Talk and Read and Play

Noticing, waiting and responding

Talk and listen

Talk and read

Gross Motor Skills – Beach

Gross Motor Skills – Playground

Gross Motor Skills – Home Outside

Gross Motor Skills – Home Inside

Gross Motor Skills – Bush

Climbing, balancing and hanging – body management skills

Walking, hopping and jumping – locomotor skills

Throwing, catching and kicking – object control skills

Why talk, read and play every day?

  • Right from birth, talking to your child is helping to build the connections in their brain to help them learn.
  • Reading is a skill for life that begins when a baby first looks at a picture in a book.
  • Active play helps children build skills in movement and learning.

Resources for talking, reading and playing

Links to other early years resources

  • The B4 Early Years Coalition provides tools to support everyone to take action for the early years.
  • The Basics Tasmania provides the Basics Community Toolkit. It is an online collection of videos, activities, handouts, and other materials designed to support Tasmanian families of children 0 – 3 years of age.
  • First 5 Forever provides articles, tips and ideas to give strong early literacy foundations for children aged 0 – 5 years.
  • Love Talk Sing Read Play provides information, ideas and activities for parents and communities about the social and emotional development of their children.
  • Raising Children – The Australian Parenting Website provides articles, videos and interactive resources that are tailored to different ages and stages, taking you from nurturing a newborn to raising a confident, resilient teen – and helping you to look after yourself as a parent too.
  • Lets Read is a national, evidence-based early literacy initiative that promotes reading with children from birth to five years.
  • Words for Life provides resources, ideas and activities for families to support language development with young children.

School programs


Disclaimer: Many of the resources on this page are from the Bouncing Back – Talk and Read Project. This project was delivered during 2020, where families of children enrolled in Launching into Learning (LiL) and Kindergarten received practical resources to talk, read and play every day.