National Quality Standard (NQS) in Kindergartens

Improving the quality of early learning is a priority for the Department of Education (DoE), with one of the four goals of the DoE Strategic Plan being Early Learning – From birth to 8 years of age, children are confident, involved learners and effective communicators.

Tasmanian Kindergartens are a vitally important part of our children’s development. The skills and values learnt in the first few years of life stay with children forever and affect their ability to learn and succeed for the rest of their lives. It is crucial that we know our Kindergartens are operating at the highest possible standard and that we are able to formally measure this.

The Tasmanian Government has committed that from 2020, Tasmanian Government Kindergartens will be formally assessed against the National Quality Standard (NQS) so that we can measure and continue to improve Kindergarten quality, to support children’s learning.

The NQS sets a robust and well-researched foundation on which to build the highest quality in our Kindergartens. The approach to implementing the NQS in Tasmanian Government Kindergartens has been informed by consultation with early childhood experts and information obtained from other jurisdictions, including the system successfully implemented in Western Australia’s schools since 2015. The DoE is currently developing a set of publicly available resources and tools for schools, parents and the community, to provide information, assist in quality improvement and guide the assessment of Kindergartens against the NQS.

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