Levies and Charges

Levies and Charges in Tasmanian Government Schools

Did you know?

When your child goes to a Tasmanian Government school you will find that there are costs that you will need to pay. These include levies, school uniforms, excursions and other costs associated with your child’s educational program.

If you are eligible, there are a number of financial assistance schemes available to assist you to cover costs.

Where to start

The levy you pay contributes to the cost of your child’s education program, and includes:

  • Items your child uses during the school year such as learning materials and stationery.
  • Services, such as school excursions, attending performances and school camps that are part of your child’s educational program.

Financial assistance

  • Families on low incomes who meet the eligibility conditions of the Student Assistance Scheme (STAS) will not be required to pay school levies.  Grandparents raising grandchildren may also be eligible for STAS.
  • Families who are not eligible for STAS, but who may experience financial hardship should talk to the school about payment arrangements and other financial assistance which may help.
  • School staff understand that financial matters are highly sensitive, so your questions will remain completely confidential.
  • These matters will also be dealt with directly with you and not through your child.
  • Your child’s participation in learning will not be affected.

Levies when transferring to a new school

If your child is transferring to a new school during the school year, you will need to find out from both schools what their policies are for refunds and payments of levies on transfer.

Other charges

  • In some subjects there may be an option of extending a project or task at an additional cost.  This contribution will only need to be paid if your child chooses to take up the opportunity.
  • Other charges for students may apply to optional activities such as school social events, extra music tuition, and recreational or holiday trips.

Centrelink student allowances

There are several student allowances available through Centrelink, subject to certain eligibility criteria.

Where can I get more information?

Levies and Charges – printable fact sheet

Download the Print version of fact sheet (PDF, 490KB)