Gifted Online Courses

Did you know?

The Department of Education provides Gifted Online courses free to schools to help meet the needs of their gifted and talented students.

The courses are delivered online and facilitated by teachers who are experienced in working with gifted and talented students. The Gifted Online teachers design learning tasks that students find challenging and that develops their conceptual understanding of a topic. They provide opportunities for students to problem-solve and collaborate with other students, both online and face-to-face.

About Gifted Online courses

  • Gifted Online courses are available for nominated gifted and talented students in Prep through to Year 10, from any Government school. Students from across 2-3 year levels participate in each course.
  • As the courses are online, they provide a way for gifted and talented students from all around the state to connect and learn with one another.
  • Some Gifted Online courses provide significant extension in one area of the Australian Curriculum. Examples include Infinity Squared (Mathematics), CodeXX, Python4Whipsnakes and Smart Bots (Digital Technologies) and Arty Facts (Visual Arts).
  • In other courses the learning addresses content from a range of curriculum areas and also provides extra breadth in the curriculum. Examples include: Ad Astra (literacy, numeracy, Science, negotiated studies); Socrates Café (online philosophical discussions about books or topical issues); Action Pact (initiating local action projects); and Hypatia’s House (online discussion about concepts raised in a picture book).
  • Many of the Gifted Online courses develop students’ skills in areas that are described in the General Capabilities of the Australian Curriculum. These include Critical and Creative thinking, Literacy, Numeracy and ICT.
  • The learning tasks, discussions and projects facilitated by the Gifted Online teachers are designed to extend students’ understanding, challenge their thinking and further develop their skills and interests.

How do the courses work?

  • A gifted and talented student may be nominated by their teacher to participate in a Gifted Online course that is aligned with the student’s area of strength and/or interest.
  • Students are selected based on their need for extension in a particular area of the curriculum (e.g. Mathematics), or to engage their interest in an area of passion (e.g. robotics) or to further develop a particular skill that they have, such as computational thinking (e.g. computer coding).
  • Each course is managed by a Gifted Online teacher who creates the learning tasks for students, provides them with feedback on the work they submit online and communicates with the support person in the school.
  • Each school with students enrolled in Gifted Online courses provide a support person in the school (usually a teacher or teacher assistant) who works face-to-face with the students to support them with setting goals, selecting learning tasks, providing guidance on their response and ensuring that quality work is submitted regularly.
  • Schools provide the technology required for students to engage with online learning and specific materials, equipment or software that may be required for a particular course.
  • Classroom teachers provide time for their students to engage with Gifted Online tasks, usually a minimum of 45 minutes per week.
  • Students are also able to access their online classroom from home, a library, or wherever internet access is available.
  • Gifted Online teachers use online communication tools to provide students with feedback on their work, to ask and respond to questions, and to give guidance where required.
  • Students use a range of online communication tools to engage in discussions with other students in their course in a safe, supportive environment that values innovative thinking.
  • Students are issued with a certificate of participation at the completion of their Gifted Online course.

Where can I get more information?

  • Enquire at your school about the provisions made to extend and enrich learning for gifted and talented students, and whether or not it includes the Gifted Online courses.
  • If the school does offer Gifted Online courses, the principal will be able to give you more details about how they operate and how students are selected in the school.
  • If you think that your child needs extra extension in one or more areas of the curriculum or would benefit from being able to develop a particular skill or area of interest, discuss it with their classroom teacher to see what is possible.

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