Gifted and Talented Students

Did you know?

All students, including those who are gifted and talented, need to have learning experiences that they find engaging and challenging. Tasmanian Government schools provide a range of extended learning and enrichment opportunities so that their gifted and talented students engage with learning that challenges their thinking, further develops their knowledge or skills and advances their understanding.

What do we mean by gifted and talented students?

  • Students whose ability lies within the top 10% of students of a similar age, in at least one domain (intellectual, physical, creative or social), can be referred to as being ‘gifted’.
  • Students whose performance lies within the top 10% of students of a similar age, in at least one domain (intellectual, physical, creative or social), can be referred to as being ‘talented’.
  • Students can vary from being mildly gifted (quite common) through to being highly gifted (quite rare).
  • Some gifted students are very capable just in one area, for example mathematics or music, while others are exceptional across a range of areas.
  • It is possible to have a physical or learning disability, at the same time as being gifted.
  • Gifted students often learn faster and in more complex ways than their peers.
  • Significant adjustment to the educational program of highly gifted students is necessary to meet their learning needs.
  • Research shows that without challenging learning opportunities, gifted students may not reach their potential and are at risk of becoming bored and disengaged from learning.
  • Principals and teachers work with school psychologists, and in some cases, tertiary education providers to ensure a gifted student is supported and fulfilled.

Extended learning and enrichment opportunities available

  • In the context of the Australian Curriculum, teachers vary the pace and extend the level of challenge of every day learning tasks to meet the needs of mildly gifted students.
  • Gifted students also have access to a range of extension and enrichment programs; these include in-school programs and online opportunities such as the Gifted Online courses.
  • Highly gifted students can work at a higher year level in one or more areas of the curriculum through a process of acceleration.
  • Some students engage with external mentors through opportunities such as the CSIRO Scientists and Mathematicians in Schools program.
  • Some schools offer advanced courses, e.g. the Elizabeth College Advanced Academic Diploma, which ensures a supportive environment for students who wish to achieve at the highest level in their pre-tertiary studies.
  • There are a variety of competitions and programs that recognise and celebrate excellence in students of all ages in a range of areas – the Young Archies portrait painting competition, Robocup robotics, the Tasmanian Science Talent Search, MyState film festival, the What Matters? writing competition, Australian Maths Trust competitions and Tournament of Minds, to name a few.

Early entry to school

  • A process for applying for early entry to school is available for young children who have been formally identified as being highly gifted.
  • If you want early entry to school for your child, talk to the principal of your local school about your intention to apply for early entry well before the end of August in the year prior to enrolment.

GIFTED ONLINE – courses for gifted and talented students

The range of extended learning and enrichment opportunities provided through the Gifted Online courses includes areas such as: visual arts, online discussions about literature and topical issues, problem-solving in a range of contexts, philosophy, robotics, mathematics, computer programming and initiating local action projects.

Where can I get more information?

  • Talk to your child’s teacher or principal.
  • This website has information including:
    • Extended learning procedures for schools
    • Acceleration procedures for schools
    • Frequently Asked Questions about Early Entry to Kindergarten – Cross Sectoral Information for Parents
    • Gifted Online courses
  • The Tasmanian Association for the Gifted (TAG) is a non-profit, parent based organisation, affiliated with the Australian Association for the Education of Gifted and Talented (AAEGT). Contact TAG at

Gifted and Talented Students – printable brochure

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