Did you know?

The Department of Education wants you and your child to be happy with the school your child attends and the education your child receives.

We understand that sometimes concerns and misunderstandings can arise at school and we want these issues to be addressed as quickly as possible.

If you have any issues or concerns we have set processes in place to ensure your concerns are dealt with fairly.

Dealing with issues and concerns is a partnership between us, you and your child – we need to work together for happy and healthy students.

Aim for resolution at the school level:


Where the issue relates to your child: talk to the class teacher, grade supervisor and/or the most appropriate senior person at the school who knows your child.

Where the issue relates to school policy: you may request support from a member of your School Association Committee when discussing the issue with the Principal, or taking your concern to the next School Association meeting.


Clearly document your concerns and the resolution you are seeking.  Keep records of all contact with your school about the matter.


If a resolution has not been achieved, request a meeting with the Principal and attempt to resolve the matter at the school level.

If not resolved:


Contact the Learning Services office in your region. Provide a clear outline of your attempts to resolve the matter. The Learning Services office will provide advice as to what steps can be taken next (there are many issues that may need to be resolved at the school level).


If the issue remains unresolved after following these procedures, provide clear documentation in writing to the Community Liaison Manager through the Learning Services. The Community Liaison Manager will provide advice or work to resolve the grievance with you.  Most remaining grievances can be solved at this level.

If you require further information:

After following these procedures, if the grievance remains unresolved you can request the Department (through your Learning Services Director Operations) arrange for an independent mediator to assist in reaching a resolution.

If the grievance directly relates to the Director Operations or Community Liaison Manager, contact the Deputy Secretary, Learning on 6777 2458 or by email

At any stage in the process the Director Operations of your Learning Services, with your agreement, may arrange for an independent mediator to assist in reaching a resolution.

Remember to:

Stay calm: it is often upsetting when there are issues at school involving our children, but for speedy resolution, try to keep emotions out of the picture.

Talk to the teachers: they have your child’s best interests at heart.  Sometimes misunderstandings occur and it helps to voice any concerns as early as possible.

Take notes: it is important to keep a record of when you have contacted your school about a problem and what the response was.  If you need to escalate the matter, you will need to be clear about what has happened.

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