Intake Areas for Tasmanian Government Schools

Did you know?

In your local area there are great public schools where families will find quality teaching and learning programs and a sense of community close to home. There are significant benefits in attending your intake area school.

  • Public schools across Australia use intake areas (also known as catchments or home areas) to provide a framework for managing student enrolments.
  • In Tasmania, parents have always been encouraged to enrol their child at their intake area school from Kindergarten to Year 10.
  • Students living in the intake area are guaranteed enrolment at their intake area school.
  • Parents are also able to enrol their child in any other government school if that school has capacity to enrol additional students from outside of their intake area while reserving enough places for the students within their intake area.

What is an intake area?

  • Intake areas are essential for schools to be able to plan for expected student enrolments and make sure they have the facilities and staff they need to best support their students’ learning.
  • Each Tasmanian government primary school and combined (district) school has a geographical intake area marked by a boundary line on a map of the area around the school.
  • The intake area boundaries take into account student enrolment patterns, Australian Bureau of Statistics demographic data, public transport routes and road access.
  • The School Intake Area Maps for primary schools and combined schools are published on the Department of Education’s (DoE) website.
  • High schools don’t have intake area boundaries on a map. High schools have an intake area school or schools that are associated with their high school (for example: Huonville Primary School is an intake area school for Huonville High School).
  • When your child finishes primary school they are automatically entitled to enrol at their school’s intake area high school.

Are the intake area boundaries changing?

  • DoE is required to review intake area boundaries at least once every five years to ensure the boundaries remain current as communities and demographics change.
  • DoE is undertaking a review of primary and combined school intake area boundaries in 2018-19 with a two stage consultation process to receive community feedback. The review is now in its second consultation stage.
  • It is not within the scope of the review to change where primary school students can attend high school.
  • Feedback received during the consultation process will be used to determine the intake areas which will apply to students who are enrolling at a Tasmanian government primary or combined school for the first time in 2021 or later.
  • There will be no changes to boundaries for enrolments in 2019 and 2020, with existing boundaries continuing to apply.
  • Finalised school intake area maps for 2021 onwards will be available in time for families and schools to plan for any changes.

Can I choose which school I send my child to?

  • You are encouraged to enrol your child at their intake area school to help them experience and become a part of a strong, diverse and supportive local community around your home.
  • If you wish to enrol your child at another government school, the Out-of-Area Procedure is used to apply a consistent, equitable and transparent approach to assess out-of-area enrolment requests.
  • If a school expects to have capacity to enrol students from outside their intake area they provide parents with an Expression of Interest form.
  • Schools use the completed form and supporting information to help prioritise enrolments, to the extent that they have capacity to take additional enrolments from outside their intake area.
  • After you submit an Expression of Interest form you will receive a letter from the school notifying you of the enrolment outcome within 14 days, or by week 2 of Term 4 if the enrolment is for the next school year.
  • DoE recognises that there are specific situations where you may prefer to enrol your child in an out-of-area school and accommodates parents’ request for an out-of-area enrolment where possible.

Which students are in-area students?

  • All Kindergarten to Year 10 students living within the intake area boundaries are in-area students and are entitled to enrol at the government school in that intake area.
  • When you request to enrol your child as an in-area student, the school will ask you to show that you are living in the intake area by providing proof of your current residential address.
  • If your child has a brother or sister that is currently enrolled at a school, then your child is entitled to enrol at the same school as their sibling/s.

Where can I get more information?

  • Check the School Intake Area Maps to identify the intake area school for your residential address. If you need help understanding which school is your intake area school, contact Learning Services in your region.
  • If you need help to enrol your child in school, your intake area school would welcome the opportunity to talk to you about what help and information you need.
  • If you wish to request an out-of-area enrolment, please contact the school to discuss if they have capacity to accept out-of-area enrolments.

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