School Terms and Professional Learning Days


Did you know?

The Tasmanian Government school year is divided into four terms.

Professional learning days

  • During the school year, schools have professional learning days and on these days your child will not attend school.
  • Professional learning days enable teachers to participate in important learning that improves their teaching.

Moderation days

There is also a moderation day for student assessments.  This ensures all students across Tasmania are being assessed against the same benchmarks, and that student assessments are comparable across schools. To view these dates please visit this fact sheet.

* Please note these dates are statewide for Kindergarten to Year 10 in Tasmanian Government schools. Years 11 and 12 dates may differ so please check the Department of Education website

* For full listings of local area public holidays please visit the WorkSafe Tasmania website.

Where can I get more information?

  • Schools will advise parents and child care providers of these days in Term 4 every year.
  • From your child’s teacher or school.

School terms and Professional learning days in Tasmanian Government Schools – printable fact sheet

Download the Print version of the fact sheet for 2017 (PDF, 370KB)

Download the Print version of the fact sheet for 2018 (PDF, 370KB)