Did you know?

Tasmanian Government schools are required to have a school uniform. It is a requirement to wear the uniform a school endorses.

For your child

  • Wearing a uniform will:
    • help your child feel like they belong in their school
    • place all students on the same level in terms of clothing
    • assist school staff in easily identifying students on school excursions
    • give your child a sense of pride in their school.

For you

  • It is up to individual schools, in consultation with its School Association, to develop its own uniform policy.
  • Most schools have a uniform shop that sells new and/or second-hand uniform items.
  • If you need support with your child’s uniform or have any questions, you can talk to your child’s teacher, principal or School Association.
  • You may be eligible for financial assistance to help you with the costs of your child’s uniform.

Uniform tips

  • Find out what items your child needs for school.
  • There may be a winter and summer uniform and a sports uniform.
  • Ensure your child’s uniform is ready to wear at the start of each week.

Do students have to wear a school uniform?

  • If your School Association has endorsed a school uniform policy for your school, then that becomes a school rule which needs to be complied with.
  • If you have problems or concerns with the policy you need to talk to your school principal.

Where can I get more information?

  • Talk to your child’s teacher or principal about the uniform requirements in your school.

School uniforms in Tasmanian Government Schools – printable brochure

Download the Print version of brochure (PDF, 175KB)