eLearning Programs

A number of blended learning opportunities are available for Department schools in 2017 including a variety of online K-12 courses and programs which can complement, augment or extend local provision to give students access to curriculum opportunities that may otherwise be unavailable.

The programs for 2017 include extension programs for students identified as gifted – GO! – Gifted Online as well as other programs for highly able/high performing students or those requiring specific differentiation through an online opportunity.

The courses students undertake are usually delivered by an online delivery teacher with the support and supervision of the students’ own school.

In addition to the teacher delivered programs, a number of ready-made online rooms, courses and units are available through the VLE. These can be used by any teacher as a class resource or to extend curriculum provision for specific students.

These courses are offered by the eLearning team in Curriculum Services.  The programs vary in length and nature; for example some are full year subjects while others are term by term opportunities.

Who can access online courses?

Students in any Department school can be enrolled in eLearning programs. Students from Prep to Year 12 can access the courses and programs.

How to access information about courses and projects

More information about eLearning Programs is available by emailing: elearning@education.tas.gov.au