School Health Nurse Program

School Health Nurse Programme banner

As part of the State Government’s long term vision to lift education in Tasmania and invest in essential services, a commitment was made and honoured to introduce primary school and secondary school health nurses across targeted Tasmanian Government schools.

The program supports schools to create a physical and social environment that promotes health and wellbeing, and assists to improve the health and education outcomes for children and young people in Tasmania.

As the first stage of a long-term plan, this $5.8 million investment sees nurses:

  • working across both primary and secondary schools, liaising collaboratively with current support staff
  • based in schools that have need for community health assistance
  • delivering improved health outcomes for Tasmanian school students
  • linking with the teaching and learning provisions of the Australian Curriculum.

Focus for primary schools:

  • vision and hearing screening
  • developmental assessments as required
  • health promotion to run in line with local, state and national initiatives (move well eat well, sun smart)
  • health education to run in line with the Australian Curriculum (growth and development, drugs and alcohol, mental health and resilience, body image, protective behaviours)
  • addressing medical issues that may be impacting learning.

Focus for secondary schools:

  • health promotion to run in line with local, state and national initiatives (sun smart, family violence, nutrition, physical activity)
  • positive parenting for teenagers with babies
  • health education to run in line with the Australian curriculum (Sexual health and healthy relationships, addictions and risk behaviours including drugs and alcohol, Mental health and resilience, body esteem
  • addressing medical issues that may be impacting learning including targeted screening.

There has been staged roll out of 20 full-time nurses between July 2015 and January 2017, and each nurse is allocated a number of schools within their region.

In order to implement the School Health Nurse Program within the allotted budget, schools have been identified for inclusion plan using a range of data and indicators including but not limited to: the Index of Community Socio-Educational Advantage (ICSEA); the Australian Early Development Census (AEDC); Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS); The Department of Health and Human Service’s Kids Come First data; number of enrolments; and input from internal and external stakeholders.

Stage 1 Schools (commenced in July 2015)

Northern Schools

  • Brooks High School
  • Burnie High School
  • Devonport Primary School
  • East Devonport Primary School
  • East Tamar Primary School
  • Havenview Primary School
  • Invermay Primary School
  • Latrobe Primary School
  • Miandetta Primary School
  • Montello Primary School
  • Mowbray Heights Primary School
  • Parklands High School
  • Prospect High School
  • Queechy High School
  • Ravenswood Heights
  • Ridgley Primary School
  • Riverside High School
  • Romaine Park Primary School
  • Scottsdale High School
  • Smithton High School
  • Somerset Primary School
  • Spreyton Primary School
  • Table Cape Primary School
  • Waverley Primary School
  • Wynyard High School

Southern Schools

  • Bagdad Primary School
  • Bellerive Primary School
  • Brighton Primary School
  • Clarendon Vale Primary School
  • Dodges Ferry Primary School
  • Dunalley Primary School
  • JRLF – East Derwent Primary School
  • JRLF – Gagebrook Primary School
  • JRLF – Herdsmans Cove Primary School
  • JRLF – Senior School
  • Montrose Bay High School
  • New Norfolk High School
  • Risdon Vale Primary School
  • Rokeby High School
  • Rokeby Primary School
  • Rose Bay High School

Stage 2 Schools (Commenced in July 2016)

Northern Schools

  • Beaconsfield Primary School
  • Deloraine High School
  • Devonport High School
  • Exeter High School
  • Exeter Primary School
  • Kings Meadows High School
  • Latrobe High School
  • Perth Primary School
  • Port Dalrymple School
  • Reece High School
  • South Georgetown Primary School
  • St Leonards Primary School
  • Ulverstone High School

Southern Schools

  • Austins Ferry Primary School
  • Bowen Road Primary School
  • Clarence High School
  • Cosgrove High School
  • Fairview Primary School
  • Glenorchy Primary School
  • Goodwood Primary School
  • Huonville High School

Stage 3 Schools (Commenced in January 2017)

Northern Schools

  • Deloraine Primary School
  • East Ulverstone Primary School
  • Hagley Farm Primary School
  • Hillcrest Primary School
  • Longford Primary School
  • Nixon Street Primary School
  • Ulverstone Primary School
  • Westbury Primary School
  • West Ulverstone Primary School
  • Youngtown Primary School

Southern Schools

  • Cygnet Primary School
  • Franklin Primary School,
  • Glen Huon Primary School
  • Huonville Primary School
  • Kingston Primary School
  • Kingston High School
  • New Town High School
  • Ogilvie High School
  • Taroona High School

Stage 4 Schools (Commencing in October 2017)

$4 million over four years was recently announced in the 2017-18 State Budget to extend the School Health Nurse Program to all Government District Schools. This will deliver a further 7.7 FTE nurses at the following schools.  Positions will be advertised in July 2017.

Northern Schools

  • Campbell Town District High School
  • Cressy District High School
  • Flinders Island District High School
  • King Island District School
  • Lilydale District School
  • Mountain Heights School
  • Oatlands District High School
  • Penguin District School
  • Port Dalrymple District School
  • Rosebery District School
  • Sheffield School
  • St Helen’s District High School
  • St Mary’s District School
  • Strahan Primary School
  • Winnaleah District High School
  • Yolla District School
  • Zeehan Primary School

Southern Schools

  • Bothwell District School
  • Bruny Island District School
  • Campania District School
  • Dover District School
  • Glenora District School
  • Ouse District School
  • Sorell School
  • Tasman District School
  • Triabunna District School
  • Woodbridge District School


Please feel free to contact your school nurse via your school administration if you have any concerns or questions regarding the health and wellbeing of your child or school community. If you have any questions about the program you can contact Kelley French – Director of Nursing  by email