Swimming and Water Safety

A collage of photos from swimming water safety

The Tasmanian Department of Education provides a mandatory program for Year 3, 4 and 5 students and at risk Year 6 students (optional) in Tasmanian Government schools to participate in quality swimming and water safety instruction. This program consists of ten consecutive lessons per year – totalling a potential of thirty lessons, in which to become a competent swimmer and be water safe. The annual lessons are conducted in a range of government owned, council and private swimming pools around the state.

The program has a strong emphasis on water safety, including boat safety – with experiences using personal floatation devices, survival swimming, reach to rescue, entering aquatic environments safely, as well as efficient stroke development and building swimming stamina. These elements are imperative as our student’s engage in numerous leisure and sporting activities in lakes, rivers and the sea as part of family and community life. These elements also build the foundation for participation in aquatic activities in adult life.

The Swimming and Water Safety Program supports the Australian Curriculum Health and Physical Education, Personal, social and community strand and Movement and physical activity strand – in particular the focus areas of Safety, Health benefits of physical activity, Fundamental motor skills and Lifelong physical activities.

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