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Child and Family Centres

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Chigwell CFCChild and Family Centres are places for families with children birth to 5 to access a range of services.

The purpose of Child and Family Centres is to improve the health and well-being, education and care of Tasmania’s very young children by supporting parents and enhancing accessibility of services in the local community.

The goals of the Child and Family Centres are to:

  • improve the health and educational outcomes for children – birth to five years.

  • provide a range of early years services in the local community to support the development of children birth to five years.

  • build on the existing strengths of families and communities and assist in their educational needs.

  • increase participation in early years programs such as those offered through Launching into Learning (LIL).

  • build community capacity by developing partnerships with parents, carers and the community.

  • respond to child and family needs in a seamless and holistic manner.

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 (Pictured: The award winning Chigwell Child and Family Centre)

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