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Why do we need new legislation?

Currently there are three Acts that govern vocational education and training in Tasmania.  Two of them have been amended once and the third (the VET Act) has been amended multiple times.  They are:

  • Education and Training (Tasmanian Polytechnic) Act 2008
  • Education and Training (Tasmanian Skills Institute) Act 2008
  • Vocational Education and Training Act 1994

The Government has accepted the consultant’s view that this arrangement has resulted in some fragmentation of the system, and that VET in Tasmania should be covered by a single piece of legislation that covers all aspects of VET governance, delivery, administration and co-ordination.  This will ensure a more collaborative and integrated approach.  Accordingly, a new Act is being developed. 

TasTAFE will be a statutory authority created within the new Act.  It will be headed by a CEO with a board accountable to the Minister for Education and Skills.

Subject to the passage of legislation through the Tasmanian Parliament, the new arrangements will take effect from 1 July 2013. 


What will happen to the existing legislation?

A new Act will be developed that covers all aspects of vocational education and training governance, delivery, administration and coordination in Tasmania.  This will include TasTAFE.

This means that the existing VET Act, the Tasmanian Skills Institute Act and the Tasmanian Polytechnic Act will be repealed at the time the new Act comes into effect. 

There will also be amendments to the Teachers Registration Act to better reflect its coverage of the VET sector, and some minor amendments to other Acts to reflect the changes outlined above. 

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