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Further Education


Organisational Arrangements




Will TasTAFE be a statutory authority?

Yes.  TasTAFE will be headed by a CEO with a board accountable to the Minister for Education and Skills.


What will happen to the Tasmanian Polytechnic and the Tasmanian Skills Institute?

TasTAFE will be created using the combined resources of the Tasmanian Polytechnic and Tasmanian Skills Institute. 

Subject to the passage of legislation through the Tasmanian Parliament, the new arrangements will take effect from 1 July 2013. 

The Polytechnic and the Tasmanian Skills Institute will continue to operate and deliver training to learners up until the time TasTAFE begins.  After 1 July 2013, continuity will be provided by TasTAFE. 


Will the report’s recommendations affect Skills Tasmania?

Skills Tasmania will maintain its name and functions. Subject to the passage of legislation, Skills Tasmania will cease to be a statutory authority and will continue its operations as a business unit of the Department of Education as of 1 July 2013.


Will the current RTO arrangements change?

The arrangement for those schools and colleges that are currently RTOs will be fixed for the time being and reviewed in 2015, unless voluntary relinquishment of such status is initiated in the meantime.


What other changes are proposed for the VET system?

The Report recommends improvements to the whole VET system, including:

  • the creation of a new Act that will bring together all aspects of VET to ensure a more cohesive and seamless system
  • amendments to the Teachers’ Registration Act that will ensure teacher registration across the whole of the new entity
  • a stronger partnership between TasTAFE and UTAS.

What is the proposed partnership between UTAS and TasTAFE all about?

There are existing relationships between the public VET sector and the University of Tasmania.  A stronger, multi-dimensional and strategic partnership between TasTAFE and UTAS has been recommended. 

This will create opportunities to further develop joint delivery, cross-sectoral teaching, international programs and the sharing of staff and resources. 

The Report challenges us to become a model for Australia.  Building this partnership will strengthen tertiary education in Tasmania.


What is a ‘Centre of Excellence’?

A Centre of Excellence could be a facility, service or brand of TasTAFE aligned to strong industry presence, appropriate infrastructure and industry expertise.

The move towards any Centre of Excellence will take time and is subject to approval by the TasTAFE Board.


What will the new structure look like?

The Report recommends a ‘flat and lean’ organisational structure for TasTAFE with the capacity to cater for dual focus on the two strands of productivity/work readiness and participation/attainment. 

An indicative management structure for TasTAFE included in the Report, however, consideration will be given to the final structure once the CEO and senior leadership team has been appointed.


Chair of the Interim TasTAFE Board

The Minister for Education and Skills Nick McKim MP announced in October 2012 the appointment of Mrs Kathryn Thomas as the Chair of the interim TasTAFE Board. 

Kathryn is the Learning and Knowledge Leader for Global Business Services for IBM across Asia Pacific, and has been a Director of both the TSI and Polytechnic Boards.  Kathryn is an experienced leader and has demonstrated experience, knowledge and understanding of vocational education and training, and the impact of VET on the economic and social wellbeing of Tasmania.

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