Brighton High School

A new $30 million high school will be built in Brighton, providing state-of-the-art learning facilities for up to 600 Years 7-12 students.

The new Brighton High School will support one of the fastest growing areas in Tasmania.

The location of the new school will be confirmed following consultation with community and stakeholders.

Current Status

Project Initiation & Planning

Construction Commencement


Expected Completion



State Government - $30m

Community Engagement

Engagement is now closed

The initial stage of community engagement will inform project initiation and planning.

Thank you for your input.


Project Initiation & Planning

Initial stage of information gathering to inform the project planning.

Further information on timeline to follow.

Community Engagement

Anticipated commencement mid 2019.

This second stage of engagement provides opportunity for the community to shape development of master plan options.

Development of Master Plan Options

Development of master plan options for Brighton High School to meet the project objectives.

Further information to follow.


Anticipated commencement mid 2020.

Finalised project master plan will be communicated via the Department of Education website and other channels.


Design development of the approved master plan in readiness for tendering and construction.

Further information on timeframe to follow.


Anticipated timeframe for commencement of construction.

Further information to follow.


Anticipated timeframe for completion of construction.

Further information to follow.