Snug Primary School

The Tasmanian Government is investing in new and upgraded education infrastructure.

Snug Primary School will undergo construction of a new gymnasium/presentation hall for indoor sporting activities and whole of school assemblies or presentations for our learners and the community.


Photo of Snug Primary School

Current Status


Construction Commencement


Expected Completion



State Government - $2.5 million

Community Engagement

The initial stage of community engagement informs project initiation and site planning.

Community engagement is now closed.

Project Initiation & Planning

The project initiation and planning stage informs development of a concept master plan.

Development of Master Plan

Development of the concept master plan was completed in early 2018.

Click to view the Snug Primary School Master Plan.

Community Engagement

The second stage of engagement provides opportunity for the community to review the concept master plan via this website and other channels.

Community engagement is now closed.


Design development of the approved master plan in readiness for construction was completed in late 2018.



Construction works commenced onsite in April 2019.


Construction works at Snug Primary School were completed in March 2020.