International Students

Tasmanian Government Schools have many options for international students looking to study in Australia. We have a proud history of delivering high quality education to students from all over the world.

By studying in a Tasmanian Government School you can achieve your study ambitions in a safe and inspiring environment. Our program will give you opportunities to attend the best Universities in Australia and beyond.

If you would like to apply to study in a Tasmanian Government School visit our international student – Study in Tasmania website

If you would like to discuss your course in more detail contact our international office for advice on a program that is suitable for you:

Phone: +61 3 6165 5727

If you are in Tasmania and would like to meet with us in person, we are located at:
26 Bathurst Street,
Hobart, Tasmania 7001

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Dependent Students

If you are moving to Tasmania to study or work on a temporary resident Visa, your children are very welcome to study with us. Known as ‘dependant’ students, Tasmanian Government Schools accept many students every year.

Dependent students can enrol at the local school in their ‘home area’ – the school nearest to their new Tasmanian home. Most dependent students are required to pay tuition fees to attend a Tasmanian Government School:

  • Full year:              AUD $7500
  • Weekly fee:          AUD $220

All dependent students are required to pay school levies. School levies are approximately AUD $300 – $750 per year.

Examples of visa categories that require payment of tuition fees include:

  • Temporary business entry (long stay) visa
  • Short business visitor visa
  • Student visa
  • Sponsored Training visa
  • Medical Practitioner visa
  • Bridging visas.

Note: children temporarily living in Tasmania on visitor visas may study for up to 3 months, but must enrol as full fee-paying international students.

Some dependant students under 18 years of age are exempt from paying tuition fees – examples include children whose parents are in Tasmania on:

  • Permanent Visas
  • AusAID Scholarship Holders
  • Partner Migration Visas; and
  • Permanent Residents of New Zealand.

How to apply

  • You must complete a Temporary Resident Student Application form and return it (by fax, mail or email) to Government Education and Training International.
  • The application may be made prior to departing your home country, or after arriving in Tasmania, but must be made prior to enrolment.
  • The applicable tuition fees may be paid at the time of application and must be paid prior to enrolment.
  • After the application and applicable fee are received, Government Education and Training International will send to you an ‘Authority to Enrol a Dependent Child’ letter.
  • You may use this letter to assist with your visa application process (if required) and you should present it to your local school to assist with your enrolment. School levies should be paid on enrolment.


Contact Us

For more information on dependent students please call the international education office:

Phone: +61 3 6165 5727

For more information on dependent students in Tasmania or to apply now, please visit our international education unit’s website.

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