Quality Teaching Resources

Guidance for Quality Teaching

The below key Department of Education resources provide guidance to school leaders and teachers to use effective, evidence-based practices that support curriculum delivery, quality assessment design and pedagogical approaches.

Learners First: A Pedagogical Framework (PDF, 6.7MB)

This document is for school leaders to support professional dialogue, design and practice of quality teaching in schools.

Department of Education Assessment Strategy 2020–2023 (PDF, 3.9MB)

This document, and the actions it contains, supports a unified, system wide and quality approach to assessment design and practice.

Systematic Curriculum Delivery – A guide for school leaders (PDF, 6.3MB)

This document provides a clear guide for schools to translate the curriculum to their context, supporting personalisation, depth and rigour over breadth.

Quality Teaching Guide: Literacy (Staff access only)

This resource provides system wide guidance for the quality teaching of literacy. The focus of the Quality Teaching Guide: Literacy is on the practices, strategies and approaches which will support learners across all year levels.