Family Partnership Model

The Family Partnership Model (FPM) is an evidence-based and internationally recognised approach to partnership practice which aims to achieve better outcomes for children and families.

The Model demonstrates how specific helper qualities and skills, when used in partnership, enable parents, families and others to overcome their challenges, build strengths, resilience and enable their goals to be achieved effectively.

The FPM training explores all aspects of the model that support the building of genuine and respectful partnerships towards achieving improved outcomes for children and their families.

Within the Department of Education context, FPM has been used to facilitate and strengthen partnerships between school staff and families to achieve positive outcomes in relation to children with disability, child mental health difficulties, learning and educational difficulties, and families experiencing multiple stresses and complex psychosocial difficulties.

Further information about the Program and enrolment details are available at the Professional Learning Institute.

In October 2018, the Department developed a short video and booklet to celebrate Family Partnership Model in Tasmania and the impact of the program to date.

Refer to the attachments below to access the video and booklet.


Nurturing Unique Abilities – Working in Partnership with Families (PDF, 3MB)