Professional Learning Institute

The Department’s Professional Learning Institute offers a number of courses for school leaders and teachers:

Empowering Support Teachers

This program aims to enrich support teachers’ understanding of the principles of school-wide inclusive practice, quality differentiation and personalised learning.

Principal Induction

This program helps support new principals as instructional leaders with the knowledge and skills to develop and enhance whole school inclusive practice.

Early Career Teacher Induction

This program aims to support the development of skills, understanding and practice for being and new teachers in relation to quality differentiated teaching practice.

School Improvement Through Inquiry

This program supports school teams to investigate and consolidate data and evidences to plan, implement and evaluate actions for improved outcomes for students with disability.

Teaching ESL Students in Mainstream Classrooms – Language in Learning Across the Curriculum

This teacher development course brings a functional grammar perspective to the teaching of students who are learning through a language that is not their primary language. This nine-module course is aligned with the current literacy requirements of the Australian Curriculum.

EAL Student – What do I do? 

Many teachers and students will have experienced the arrival into their school and classroom of a newly arrived English as an Additional language learner (EAL student). In some cases the EAL student may have some English language capabilities and in some cases very limited English language capabilities. This program aims to equip teachers with the skills and knowledge to make the student’s transition into the classroom as comfortable as possible for the EAL student, the mainstream students in the classroom and the teacher. 

Strategies for Teacher Assistants working with newly arrived EAL students

This program provides Teacher Assistants with a brief overview of what it means: to work in a culturally safe and inclusive classroom; some general language principles which will guide Teacher Assistants in their collaboration with the EAL student’s classroom teacher; and some tips and strategies to use when working with EAL students in the classroom.

Further information about these programs is available at Professional Learning Institute.

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