Ministerial Taskforce Initiatives

Improved Support for Students with Disability

In August 2015, the Ministerial Taskforce Report Improved Support for Students with Disability was released. The Taskforce made recommendations designed to improve support for students with disability across the following key areas across all education sectors:

  • Work with schools to become increasingly disability ready and responsive
  • Continuously improve teaching and learning
  • Work with communities in partnership
  • Align resources to inclusive education practice.

Since 2015, the Tasmanian Government has committed a total of $21.25 million from 2016-2023 to implement key initiatives aligned to the Ministerial Taskforce recommendations.

The Inclusion Advisory Panel was established from 2016-2020 to provide advice to the Minister for Education and Training in relation to the Ministerial Taskforce recommendations.

From 2021, the Inclusion Advisory Committee was appointed to continue this work, in addition to supporting Tasmania’s engagement in national and state reform areas for the education of students with disability.

Further information is available at Inclusion Advisory Committee.