Working Together Opens up free early learning places for eligible children.  There are also other benefits of WT.

These include:

  • Access to holistic support. This means that early childhood educators and support people work with families to understand what extra goals families might have and the kinds of help they seek so their child can thrive. This might include regular check-ins, referrals to other services or assistance with food and clothing.
  • Being able to connect with other families, share stories and make friends.
  • Experiencing an environment that is safe and free of judgment, where all children feel that they belong.
  • Providing children with the opportunity to make friends and build confidence, setting them up to enjoy learning and getting ready for school.
  • Helping parents and carers through the transition of the child from home, into early learning and then into kindergarten.
  • Families will still receive any other payments they are currently entitled to.