For early learning and community partners

What is Working Together?

  • Working Together offers free, quality early learning for eligible children in the year before Kindergarten.
  • It is a Tasmanian government funded initiative, offering 120 places in 2022.
  • Working Together is delivered in partnership with selected early learning centres across Tasmania.
  • Registrations are currently open for 2022, with limited places available.

What is the purpose of Working Together?

Our shared purpose is to support confident and creative children to thrive in strong, connected communities.

We work towards achieving this through:

  1. Funding places in quality early learning centres (up to 960 hours per year for each child).
  2. Delivering holistic support to children and families to help them address barriers to participation.
  3. Providing tailored support for children to learn, make friends and build confidence to set themselves up for a great life.
  4. Fostering supportive connections to help parents and carers through the transition from home to early learning and then in to Kindergarten.
  5. Building the capacity of early childhood educators involved, through investment in professional learning and ongoing practice support. This ensures educators can best support the needs of the children and families involved in the program.

What does ‘holistic support’ mean?

As well as free early learning, Working Together provides extra support. This can be either for the child or their family.

Examples of extra support include:

  • connecting families with other support services, e.g. health providers
  • attending appointments with families
  • assisting with transport to get children to the early childhood service
  • linking families with their local primary school
  • identifying areas of interest for parents to develop themselves further, e.g. study or getting a driver licence

The Working Together team works in partnership with families. This supports them to build on their strengths and achieve their goals.

Who can take part?

Working Together supports the inclusion of all children. To take part in 2022, children must be:

  • Three years old by 1 January 2022, that is born in 2018
  • In their year before Kindergarten
  • Not currently enrolled in childcare

Children must also meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Have parents/primary carers who hold a Health Care Card
  • Identify as Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander
  • Receive support or interventions from the Child Safety Service
  • Have two or more concerns identified through the Parents’ Evaluation of Developmental Status (PEDS)

How do I refer families to take part?

We welcome referrals of families who you believe would be eligible to take part in 2022.

To refer families, please:


Who are the early learning partners in 2022?

Early childhood education and care (ECEC) services deliver Working Together. For 2022, we have partnered with 19 ECEC services across Tasmania.

These early learning partners are integral to Working Together achieving the best outcomes for children and their families.

Please view the list of our early learning partners.

The benefits for children

Working Together is a great way for children to:

  • Make friends
  • Play and thrive
  • Build confidence and independence
  • Learn and try new things
  • Prepare for school

Supporting young children improves their health and wellbeing throughout their lives.

The benefits for parents and carers

Working Together is a chance for parents and carers to:

  • Connect with other families and their community
  • Have time for self-care
  • Have time to pursue areas of interest

When can families start taking part?

Eligible families can start to take part from February 2022.

How can my service get involved?

To discuss opportunities of getting involved with Working Together, please contact us: