Working Together history

The aim of Working Together is to give all children an equal opportunity to access early learning.

The initiative was co-designed with:

  • Families
  • The early learning sector
  • Community services
  • Government agencies

It was first piloted in 2019 as Working Together for 3 Year Olds. The pilot saw 55 children enrolled across 10 Tasmanian early learning centres. 

An independent evaluation reported the pilot achieved positive outcomes for the children involved. There were also encouraging results for the families and early learning centres that took part. Another report highlighted the effectiveness of the initiative in preparing children for school.

Following the success of the pilot, the initiative expanded in 2020. This saw the funding of 120 places across 19 early learning centres.

Registrations are now open for 2021, with an extra 120 places available. 

Our early learning partners are integral to the delivery of Working Together. They ensure the best outcomes for the children and families involved. Please view the list of our early learning partners for 2021.

A story of change

A little girl with her toys.
“My child’s confidence wasn’t very high when we started with Working Together. They wouldn’t like to leave me. We did a little bit of family day care before coming to the program, but it wasn’t really enough.

Over the past year I’ve seen that change.  Jessica* became more confident within themselves. Kids like them don’t usually have a lot of confidence.  But it made them more confident to reach out and make friends, to try new things, to be them.

The crying sessions also disappeared with that confidence. Now they’re just like ‘I’ll go, I’ll do it on my own’. If they’re given some routine and boundaries, they knows what to do and where they fit.

What really helped to make that change happen was the people here. Their understanding, their compassion, knowing Jessica’s* story.

I think this change means that Jessica* will always try new things, give things a go. It’ll also mean understanding people’s boundaries people’s limitations. And not being frightened of being themselves. Being confident of people accepting them. That’s not small.”

*Name has been changed to protect the child’s identity

Source: TasCOSS final 2019 interviews with pilot families

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