Success stories

A number of success stories came out of the 2019 pilot. Take a look below at some of the great things that our partners and participants experienced:

Parent Participants – Success Story

“[My child] has developed social skills and confidence as a result of spending the 15 hours in early learning every week. I have noticed a big change in how they are interacting with other children. They love coming to ‘their school’ and can’t wait to play with their friends! The educators at the centre are genuine, beautiful ladies. As soon as we walk through the door they welcome you and say everything is going to be OK.”

“[My child] is very happy and no longer cries when I leave them. They have also learned how to share and play well with others. This has been great for our family because it means they now share and play nicely with their brother!”

“We’ve pretty much formed a little family. Without the this, I wouldn’t have had anyone to invite to [my child’s] birthday party – but it was great! There were about 15 kids there!”

“It’s great that the kids get time to play with other kids. They were forever asking to play with the kids next door, just wanting to interact. Having other kids to play with is the whole point in sending my child there, not to get a five-hour break.”

“I wanted [my child] to come [to early learning] because their behaviour was a bit… they really struggled with their behaviour – they would hit the walls and smash their head on the concrete and stuff. Then I realised that they need to interact with other kids other than just cousins and stuff… now they’re listening more and understanding.”

Service Partners – Success Story

“Being part of WT has been a really positive experience.

Something that particularly stands out for my staff and I has been the professional learning and networking opportunities. WT has reaffirmed things that I had learned previously, such as the strategies taught in Family Partnership Model (FPM) training – refreshing this knowledge and taking the time to step back and reflect on how we work with families has been so valuable. Through this type of training, we’ve been reminded of the importance of focusing on empathy and actively listening to families. The benefit to the centre has been immense.
The holistic support WT provides has been so welcomed. As educators, we need to set personal care boundaries, so having the WT Engagement Workers on board has been significant. They have been providing support, referring families and creating connections to external agencies. This along with the professional learning opportunities is really what is making WT so unique.” 

“Through our involvement in WT, we have gained a deeper understanding of how to support children with a broad range of needs. Also, social issues like accessing transport have come into the spotlight. The journey for our WT families has been amazing. Children have developed socialising skills and are also are getting used to routines.”

“WT has strengthened the capacity of our staff to network with other service partners and also services in our community that can help support families. The confidence of the children in the WT program is growing every day, which makes it really rewarding.”