Success stories

The stories we hear from families about their Working Together experience are uplifting. This is also true for the feedback we have received from our early learning partners.

Below is a snapshot of some of the success stories we have heard this year.

Stories from our families

General praise

“I can’t thank Working Together Tasmania or the centre enough for what you guys have done for us. The opportunities that Working Together has given us as a family and my child as an individual, is something we couldn’t have done without you. We wouldn’t have been able to get our child in to day care, it’s too expensive for our family. With 4 children, expenses aren’t low. And the growth that we’ve seen in such a short time has been phenomenal!”

Making friends and socialising

“I think being around other kids is helpful. Our child doesn’t see many other kids at all. It’s not the same when you’re with your siblings, you need to be around other kids. She looks forward to going, and talks about her friends. She’s interacting more, and better!”

Learning through play

“My child loves doing the arts and craft, the painting, the play dough, he talks about that sort of stuff all the time. With four kids of all different ages at home it’s quite hard for me to find time to do that sort of stuff with them.”

Developing confidence and independence

“It’s been awesome. It’s just how good the staff are with my child, making them comfortable and confident to come. We saw one of her educators in the supermarket last night, and I could just tell she’s got a good bond with them.”

“I couldn’t be more happy than seeing my child develop into someone who’s happy to make friends and isn’t as shy as he used to be. He’s just developed so much. He’s becoming more independent and self-confident as well. Before it used to be: ‘I’m scared mum, I can’t do it.’ Now it’s: ‘I can do it!’”

Seeing little changes coming home

“My child’s behaviour has changed. Before she was going to WT we were having a lot of issues with accepting direction, or refusals. You know, then the screaming might happen. It changed once we started at day-care. With what teachers have done there and how they’ve helped my child she’s just been able to play nicely, and I’m seeing that at home too!”

Getting ready for school

“If it weren’t for Working Together my child wouldn’t be doing early learning and wouldn’t be as happy as he is. It’s getting me and him prepared for next year. He won’t be scared to go to class or anything like that because of this opportunity.”

Stories from our early learning partners

Professional learning opportunities

“Being part of WT has been a really positive experience. Something that particularly stands out for my staff and I has been the professional learning and networking opportunities. WT has reaffirmed things that I had learned previously, such as the strategies taught in Family Partnership Model (FPM) training – refreshing this knowledge and taking the time to step back and reflect on how we work with families has been so valuable. Through this type of training, we’ve been reminded of the importance of focusing on empathy and actively listening to families. The benefit to the centre has been immense.”

“The holistic support WT provides has been so welcomed. As educators, we need to set personal care boundaries, so having the WT Engagement Workers on board has been significant. They have been providing support, referring families and creating connections to external agencies. This along with the professional learning opportunities is really what is making WT so unique.”

Able to better support families in our communities

“Through our involvement in WT, we have gained a deeper understanding of how to support children with a broad range of needs. Also, social issues like accessing transport have come into the spotlight. The journey for our WT families has been amazing. Children have developed socialising skills and are also are getting used to routines.”

Increased capacity

“WT has strengthened the capacity of our staff to network with other service partners and also services in our community that can help support families. The confidence of the children in the WT program is growing every day, which makes it really rewarding.”